Late Prof. Bhudev sharma

Dedicated for quality and productive education

This school was established in the virtuous memory of his late father Shri Janaki Prasad Sharma and mother Smt. Late Shanti Devi by his son Professor Dr. Bhudev Sharma and his daughter in law Smt. Kusum Lata Sharma.

Prof. Bhudev Sharma was born in village Bankpur. He did his M.Sc in Mathematics. and Ph.D. degree earned. He taught and did research in Mathematics at Delhi University. He wrote 22 books and published 150 research papers. In 1979 at the age of 40 he appointed on a high post of chair professor in foreign university. He served in foreign universities almost 30 years. He visited/ accommodated in countries like America, Canada, Germany, France, England, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Russia, China, Japan, Brasil, Trinad (West-Indies).

He also served as a Vice-Chancellor of “Hindu University Of America”. Under his direction 28 Ph.d. holder students appointed in many countries.

He returned to India with his wife in the year 2008 and served for 7 years in JIIT (Noida) and guided 5 students for research and finally retired from there.

Except for mathematics his appreciated work on Vedic Education, Hindi Writing, Research and Publishing is also noticeable. He also founded the organisation “Vedic Studies” in America and India.

An another remarkable work in the field of education is also the foundation of “Kusum Sharma International Women College” and the Degree College of CCSU in Bhhodbaraal, Meerut.

He earned a lot of awards from India, America, England, Japan and Trinad (West-Indies).

In the year 2003 he was awarded by the then Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee for the work of Hindi in foreign countries. Also in the year 2017 he was awarded “Excellent and Progressive Teacher” by the then President of India Shri Pranav Mukharji.

Janki Prasad Shanti Devi International School Administration